Mel Young is a global ambassador for ProSocial Valuation Service, a research organisation based in the USA which is promoting the power of sport by measuring its impact using social capital matrices. Lesa Ukman recently wrote a blog called What is Social Capital and How Do We Measure It for the World Economic Forum which captures the urgent need for innovative research to promote social innovation and social enterprises.  This provides a fascinating insight into the thinking behind social capital value and how that can be used to improve the world.

ProSocial Valuation Service also provided a research report for the Homeless World Cup following its annual event in Glasgow which stated that the social capital value was $364M. This clearly illustrates the monetary value of social initiatives like the Homeless World Cup and indicates that small amounts of financial investment can produce huge social return.

Although research is not one of Mel’s specialist areas, he recognises the vital role well-resourced research can play in helping to promote and finance impactful social initiatives.