Home Game Is Out

Wonderful news. Home Game, the official story of the Homeless World Cup, is out.

It was launched on 28th November in Edinburgh.

I have worked on this book with Peter Barr, the co-author, for a long while. It has been difficult to write simply because there are so many great stories connected with the Homeless World Cup. What we had to leave out was the challenge rather than what we would put in.

Click on cover to order.

The other challenge was simply that the Homeless World Cup is made up of a cast of thousands! People all across the globe have made a contribution towards the Homeless World Cup as a player, or a coach, or a volunteer, or a staff member, or an administrator, or a sponsor, or as a trustee, or as donor, or as cheerleader. We would have spent pages and pages simply listing people’s names!

We concentrated on some main themes in the book and told stories through the eyes of a few people who we felt help illustrate what was going on across the great tapestry which is the Homeless World Cup.

I often say that we will only solve homelessness in the world if everyone makes a positive contribution even if it is just a small thing. If we all did something we could change the world. That’s been the mantra of the Homeless World Cup. It is so much more effective than delegating the task of sorting out the 100 million homeless people in the world to one person!

We have missed lots and lots of people out of the book – some key people as well – but the book isn’t a history of the Homeless World Cup, it is our attempt to give you an understanding of what is going on in the world and how we are using football to change the world.

We hope lots of people buy the book and join the movement. In case you feel inspired, here is where you can buy the book: http://www.luath.co.uk/home-game.html  Enjoy!


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