Countdown to Home Game

Yessss. Brilliant news. HOME GAME (The Official Story of the Homeless World Cup) will be published this month.

Praise to my co-author, Peter Barr, for all his hard work and patience. Our big challenge in writing this book was simply what to leave out.  Since it started in 2003, the Homeless World Cup has amassed a huge number of rich and powerful stories.

The stories of the lives of the players and their journey from a marginalised world of poverty and life on the street to one where they become part of society is powerful, moving and inspirational.

Add in the ingredients of a global movement of volunteers and committed managers who have knitted together projects using football as a way of changing lives, and you have a very powerful story.

We have tried to capture the grit and the glory; the story of the power of football and its ability to create a spirit of unity and clear purpose. You don’t win without sheer hard work and an understanding of how to overcome the difficult days when things just don’t work out. The win for us is simply homeless people not being homeless any more.

The Homeless World Cup has thousands of stories which should be told. We couldn’t possibly tell them all and include the names of the hundreds of people who have been responsible for building the movement which is the Homeless World Cup. But hopefully, we have been able to tell a story which represents every part of the organisation from across the world.

We hope that you will be inspired. We hope that you can take action. We want to change the world and end homelessness altogether.

You can buy the book at all good book shops or order it through the publisher, Luath Press, or via online booksellers including Amazon.


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